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Here you can see my latest work. Feel free to join my page on FB if you would like to -… or Flickr


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If anyone is so kind to donate some points to help me extend Premium membership and buy some of my prints, I would be very grateful! =) Also I like to donate to other deserving artists.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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I am Luka, a student of chemistry. I was born in 1991 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. In december 2009 I bought my first DSLR camera. Since then a camera has become my inseparable companion.
Photography is one of my ways of expressing my view of the world and it is one of my biggest passions. Feel free to send me a message, if you have some ideas that could come to life.

Have a pleasant day!

With best regards,



Squirrel on the tree by luka567
Squirrel on the tree
Testing my new lens - Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS HSM. I like it from wide open on. This little squirrel was so kind and posed for me today :D (Big Grin)
  • Mood: Content

Getting some more feedback on my photography than usually. That is very appreciated. A little of extra motivation does not hurt at all. Take care everyone... and now the visual part:

Hirundo rustica by luka567Parus caeruleus by luka567On the branch - Passer domesticus by luka567

Red papaver by luka567
Walk this way (Parus major) by luka567

On the grass by luka567

Cloudy landscape by luka567Streptopelia turtur by luka567

Frog chilling in the water by luka567

Papaver close-up by luka567
Red by luka567


More than 11 000 views of this journal! Thank you for following it! =)
In black by luka567
Snail on a grass by luka567

Stork in flight by luka567

Stork by luka567

Playful by luka567
Taking a rest by luka567
Turdus philomelos by luka567


Finally some holidays. And among other things some more time to take photos and also arrange the archive/backup. Have a nice Sunday! 

Taking a walk by luka567Deer by luka567

In the river II by luka567Deer by luka567Encounter by luka567Tree at the riverside by luka567

Parus major by luka567In the river by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567


Parus caeruleus by luka567
Take the food by luka567Fly away by luka567

Parus major by luka567Scratch, scratch by luka567

Tulips by luka567

A swan flyaway by luka567Five in a row by luka567

Peek-a-boo by luka567Portrait by luka567
Lunch time by luka567Eat from my hand by luka567

Squirrel at lunch by luka567
Parus caeruleus by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567In the grass by luka567

Watching and waiting by luka567

Happy Easter everybody! 

Batman easter egg by luka567

The great tit by luka567Looking up by luka567

The great tit by luka567

The great tit by luka567Eye to eye by luka567

Capture the ball by luka567

Parus major - Great tit by luka567Portrait of a Great tit by luka567

Dimming of the day by luka567

Snowdrop by luka567

Tiny by luka567

Spring by luka567

Partial solar eclipse II by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567

Spring by luka567


Partial solar eclipse by luka567

There was a partial solar eclipse today here in Slovenia (as also in other parts of Europe). I still remember the total solar eclipse when I was a child, the land became darker for few moments. A wonderful sight. 

Parus caeruleus by luka567Parus major by luka567Parus major by luka567Parus caeruleus by luka567

Dendrocopos major by luka567Drop by luka567Defiant by luka567Timi in action by luka567

On the prowl by luka567Timi by luka567Hen by luka567On the watch by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567Camouflage by luka567Feeding time by luka567Castle of Ljubljana by luka567

Parus major by luka567


Crow by luka567Twilight by luka567

Crow attack by luka567

Timelessness by luka567

Picus canus by luka567

The gaze by luka567

Daisy by luka567

In bloom by luka567

Trees and the sky by luka567


Contrast by luka567In bloom by luka567

Let it grow by luka567

View from the castle by luka567

Sunny by luka567

At the faculty by luka567

Turdus merula by luka567

Timi by luka567

Enjoying the snow by luka567

Parus major by luka567

Golden hour by luka567

Fly by luka567

Spring is coming by luka567

In the shadows by luka567

Contrast by luka567


How time flies by - the first semester of my Master's study of chemistry is almost over, the second one starts in a week. 

Contrast by luka567Dark figure by luka567

View from the castle by luka567

Insect close-up by luka567

Feel the Earth by luka567

On a holiday by luka567

Breakfast by luka567

Long time no see by luka567

Passing by by luka567


I'm taking a part in a competition on the following link..… I would be quite grateful if you voted for me. You have to be logged in through Facebook though. You can vote once a day. Thank you! It's the photo of a duck on a frozen lake Dancing on ice by luka567

And now for some other photos. 

Stand out by luka567

Self-portrait by luka567

What's over there? by luka567

With best regards, Luka


Under my umbrella (colour version) by luka567On the edge by luka567Self-portrait by luka567

Going home by luka567
Interior by luka567Turdus merula by luka567

In the snow (Turdus merula) by luka567

Evening moon by luka567Under my umbrella by luka567


Under construction by luka567Eye to eye by luka567Parus major by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567

Taking a poop by luka567

Parus major by luka567
The gaze by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567


Parus caeruleus by luka567Parus caeruleus by luka567

Corvus cornix by luka567

Buteo buteo by luka567


Sadness? by luka567Bread by luka567

Hungry pigeon by luka567

Peaceful by luka567

Landscape by luka567

Dynamic by luka567

Parus major (The Great Tit) by luka567

No bread for you by luka567

Flying on by luka567

Dancing on ice by luka567

Lonely by luka567

Living on a branch by luka567

Dendrocopos major by luka567

Troglodytes troglodytes by luka567


Some new photographs of birds. I used the Canon EF 200 mm f2.8 L USM II lens, it has a bit short reach for birding on a full frame camera, so the photos are quite heavily cropped.

 Troglodytes troglodytes by luka567Fly away by luka567

Fly away by luka567

What's going on down there? by luka567

And as I cannot help myself ... one more - macro shot. 

Droplet of water by luka567


Angry looking pigeon by luka567

A new toy - Canon EOS 5D Mark III by luka567

Some new photographs, taken with my new toy :D

Castle on top by luka567

The sky on fire by luka567

Wandering about by luka567
Wandering by luka567

Ljubljanica  (in camera HDR) by luka567

Infinity by luka567


New year, new photographs.

Evil plans by luka567Look me in the eyes by luka567Proud and tall by luka567
Parus caeruleus by luka567

Parus caeruleus by luka567

How is the air down there? by luka567


I would like to wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year. Also I would like to thank all of you for being a part of my world of photography. It's been an amazing 2014! 
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! by luka567

Timi in action by luka567Timi in action by luka567Gaze into the unknown by luka567

Timi landing by luka567Timi running uphill by luka567

Lights in Zavinek by luka567Lights in Zavinek by luka567

Misty by luka567Frozen Butterfly by luka567

Frozen landscape by luka567Frozen by luka567


I wish you all a merry Christmas! 

Fly away by luka567Parus major by luka567

Brown and green by luka567Trees in the morning mist by luka567

Parus major (the great tit) by luka567


Morning light by luka567

Look me in the eye by luka567Stream by luka567

Grassy by luka567Lonely by luka567

Heron in the morning by luka567Sunset in Ljubljana by luka567


Cover by luka567

Triangle by luka567

Walk on down by luka567

Fly... by luka567

Green by luka567

Red by luka567

Misty morning by luka567

Sunday Fair in Ljubljana by luka567

Down the street by luka567

Heron by luka567

Great tit by luka567

Sunset by luka567

Sunset by luka567

Resting IV by luka567


Lucky by luka567Feeding time by luka567Resting by luka567

Morning dew by luka567Resting II by luka567Resting III by luka567


Today is an exciting day for me as a member of deviantart. I got my first Daily Deviation :D. It's the photo of a spiral staircase, located in a building called Nebotičnik in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thank you very much for choosing this photograph! 
Neboticnik staircase by luka567

Also some more photos taken since my latest journal update.

One sunny afternoon by luka567Castle on top by luka567

Rainbow by luka567Park by luka567

Raffaello by luka567Red and green by luka567

Evil plans in mind by luka567


Futuristic by luka567

Morning mist by luka567Burning by luka567Heron by luka567

Fly away by luka567Landing by luka567

Reflections by luka567

Blue eyed bird by luka567

Contrast by luka567

Red by luka567Fishy by luka567


Autumn forest by luka567Red sunset II by luka567Red sunset by luka567Sunset in Ljubljana by luka567Work by luka567Landscape by luka567Long road to salvation by luka567The great tit by luka567Landscape by luka567Water by luka567Crow and pigeon by luka567'Now I rest' by luka567

Another ordinary day by luka567Blue by luka567Ljubljana in the evening by luka567

Preseren square by luka567Field of corn by luka567Sundown by luka567

The fog recedes by luka567Going down by luka567Sparrows by luka567

Autumn colours by luka567Wink by luka567Walk on down by luka567

Architecture of Ljubljana II by luka567Architecture of Ljubljana by luka567


Looking forward to using a new wide angle lens - the Canon EF-S 10-18 mm f4,5-5,6 IS STM. The IS comes in quite handy as far as I have tested it so far. 
Ljubljana by luka567
Neboticnik staircase by luka567


You can also follow my work on FB… and Flickr

Hiding by luka567

Gather round by luka567

Darkness by luka567

Colouring of leaves by luka567

Natural by luka567Resting by luka567Flood by luka567

Look up by luka567


Hide and seek II by luka567Folded by luka567Look at me by luka567

Hide and seek by luka567Colouring of autumn leaves by luka567Autumn colours by luka567

Green by luka567

Keep a watchful eye by luka567


Some new photos. 

Dimming of the day by luka567The look by luka567Lurking in the grass by luka567


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've updated this journal. I've been really busy in the last month, successfully finishing my Bachelor studies of chemistry. Now it's time to take some more time off (hopefully also taking more photos with the Canon 7D I bought myself to pursue animal/wildlife photography). So, here are some images to look at. Hope you enjoy them,

With best regards, Luka 

P.S.: If you would like, you can also follow my photostream at…

Cutties by luka567Mjaw by luka567The only limit by luka567Novo mesto by luka567Photographer by luka567

Yellow by luka567Honeybee II by luka567

Insect on a sunflower by luka567Honeybee by luka567Morning running by luka567Cute kittens by luka567

:P by luka567

Thunderstruck II by luka567Thunderstruck by luka567What is it? by luka567Eye to eye II by luka567

Taking a rest by luka567Delicious by luka567Big and small one by luka567

On the flower by luka567Butterfly by luka567Looking at me? by luka567

Feeding time by luka567Waiting for prey by luka567Many in a row by luka567Soil eater II by luka567

Long is the road ahead by luka567Fly on a green leaf by luka567Soil eater by luka567Flying around by luka567<da:deviation id="480187854" width="172"><da:deviation id="480022550" width="210"><da:deviation id="480087995" width="273"><da:deviation id="480013337" width="264">

A moment's rest III by luka567<da:deviation id="480013006" width="161">


Searching for people willing to help with my group

<da:deviation id="479632754" width="296"><da:deviation id="479540737" width="236">

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<da:deviation id="476913725" width="776" height="238">

<da:deviation id="476725510">

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<da:deviation id="476174838" width="348"><da:deviation id="476173008" width="348">

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<da:deviation id="476039409">

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<da:deviation id="473096856" width="941">

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<da:deviation id="474823210" width="525"><da:deviation id="473912945" width="441">

<da:deviation id="474558591" width="557"><da:deviation id="473600233" width="378">

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<da:deviation id="472066441">

<da:deviation id="471906730">

<da:deviation id="471905023">

<da:deviation id="471903824" width="316">


After the rain

<da:deviation id="471401412" width="547">


<da:deviation id="471090164" width="396"><da:deviation id="470864575" width="397"><da:deviation id="470863595" width="178"><da:deviation id="470714386" width="235">

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<da:deviation id="469470562" width="543"><da:deviation id="469469912" width="429">

<da:deviation id="469466174" width="552">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="469241903">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="469239234">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="469238517">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="468303532">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="468300004">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="468273040">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="468264502">


Some time off, finally!

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="467758434">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="467364902">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="467363024">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466998320">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466763415">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466735283">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466720014">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466374813">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466366034">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466221901">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466221570">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466220347">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="466008632">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="465872793">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="465777983">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="465776955">


Got my premium membership extended, thank you once again kind sir. 

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="465657788"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="465654230">


Two more days of premium membership left on DA. It's been a pleasure =)

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464890880" width="536"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464813974" width="696">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464674179">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464405708">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464405052">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464294188">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464215199">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464209601">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="464208366">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="463662826">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="463660423">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="463458715">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="463206120">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="463195765">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="462942932">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="462762614">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="462758792">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="462643133">


Some new recent photos:

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="461791278">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="461785009">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="461783277">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460958206">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460956008">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460746705">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460737242">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460737107">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460583793">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460564052">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460172819">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="460162097">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="459633117">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457904217"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457884526">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="459421728"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457836841">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="459239261">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="459158335" width="520"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="458810010" width="520">

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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457839611">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457662508">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457583773">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457603665">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457585474">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457584357">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457472931">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457471477">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457445334">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457471477">
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="457439260">


Prodajam objektiv Tokina AT-X 840 80-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 za Canona, če morda koga zanima.

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="456941983">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="456753985">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="456812201">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="456126069">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="455945496">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="456055754">


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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="455544047">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="455275494">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="454911652"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="454629247">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="454630069" width="898">


Blue gaze 

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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="453171203" width="582"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="453169611" width="629">

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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="452434789" width="697">


Some new photos =)
<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="452249416" width="497"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="451809296" width="550">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="451938618" width="626"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="451742897" width="618">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="451784896" width="1013">


A photo of crystals of sodium chloride (NaCl) - also known to most people as kitchen salt. I am happy to say that this photo has been included in the exhibition at our faculty - the theme is 'Chemistry around us'. I took this photo some time ago, it had taken some time for the crystals to grow, but it was well worth the wait.…


Some new macro photos. 

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="448687780" width="536"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="448586566" width="276">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="448587692" width="512">


Some abstract photos of mine.

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="448174140" width="419"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="448169376" width="525"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="447928514" width="624">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="447041973" width="398"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="447015086" width="468">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="447010945" width="390"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="446820126" width="373">


More of my recent work. Have a great week people! 

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="446418451" width="525"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="445775242" width="749">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="445279317" width="526"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="444962131" width="528">


I am wondering, what has happened to Deviantart? The quality of photos has fallen quite dramatically. And of course most of the attention goes to nude portraits.. I believe they should be done with a good taste which is not what can be seen a lot of times. Not every nude photo is art. What do you think on this matter?

Please do check out my FB page if you haven't yet. Have a great day!…

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="444072835" width="613"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="443769668" width="635">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="443557882" width="609"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="443533509" width="611">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="443364041" width="608"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="442542306" width="561">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="443532061" width="402">


Some ant photos.

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="441995537" width="536"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="441990886" width="314">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="441991690" width="515">

22.03.2014… Awesome :D


Spring has come =).

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="440054261" width="561">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="440054605" width="359">


<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="439231426" width="433"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="439231732" width="648">

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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="439018608" width="461"><da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="439005278" width="622">

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<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="438375489" width="784">

<da:deviation wytiwyg="1" id="437532074" width="772">


Some new photos as promised. =)
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15.02.2014: Please check out this deviant's gallery, he has some nice work!

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13.02.2014: Exams are almost over, so there will be time again to take some more photos in the future. You can follow my page on FB as well…

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18.01.2014: let the studying commence! 

11.01.2014: Got ill, have to take antibiotics for the first time.

01.01.2014: Happy New Year! Sometimes it is better to leave the camera at home to fully enjoy the celebration. :-)

24.12.2013:These last months have been crazy with everything going on. Now there is finally some time for a moment's rest. When I look back, this was quite an important year for me. My life has changed this year in so many ways, mostly for the better. I would once again like to express my thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and my work though all this time (it has been 4 years since I picked up photography as my hobby) and I hope you all have nice holidays and spend it with the people dearest to you.


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