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Here you can see my latest work. Feel free to join my page on FB if you would like to -…
  • Mood: Artistic

Looking forward to using a new wide angle lens - the Canon EF-S  10-18 mm f4,5-5,6 IS STM. The IS comes in quite handy as far as I have tested it so far. 
Ljubljana by luka567
Neboticnik staircase by luka567


You can also follow my work on FB… and Flickr

Hiding by luka567

Gather round by luka567

Darkness by luka567

Colouring of leaves by luka567

Natural by luka567Resting by luka567Flood by luka567

Look up by luka567


Hide and seek II by luka567Folded by luka567Look at me by luka567

Hide and seek by luka567Colouring of autumn leaves by luka567Autumn colours by luka567

Green by luka567

Keep a watchful eye by luka567


Some new photos. 

Dimming of the day by luka567The look by luka567Lurking in the grass by luka567


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've updated this journal. I've been really busy in the last month, successfully finishing my Bachelor studies of chemistry. Now it's time to take some more time off (hopefully also taking more photos with the Canon 7D I bought myself to pursue animal/wildlife photography). So, here are some images to look at. Hope you enjoy them,

With best regards, Luka 

P.S.: If you would like, you can also follow my photostream at…

Cutties by luka567Mjaw by luka567The only limit by luka567Novo mesto by luka567Photographer by luka567

Yellow by luka567Honeybee II by luka567

Insect on a sunflower by luka567Honeybee by luka567Morning running by luka567Cute kittens by luka567

:P by luka567

Thunderstruck II by luka567Thunderstruck by luka567What is it? by luka567Eye to eye II by luka567

Taking a rest by luka567Delicious by luka567Big and small one by luka567

On the flower by luka567Butterfly by luka567Looking at me? by luka567

Feeding time by luka567Waiting for prey by luka567Many in a row by luka567Soil eater II by luka567

Long is the road ahead by luka567Fly on a green leaf by luka567Soil eater by luka567Flying around by luka567Good luck by luka567Eye to eye by luka567Hide and seek by luka567A moment's rest II by luka567

A moment's rest III by luka567A moment's rest by luka567


Searching for people willing to help with my group

Come kitty, kitty by luka567Mon amie la rose by luka567

Howdy by luka567Field by luka567

Delicious by luka567Stop by luka567

Catching fire by luka567

After the dark, comes the light by luka567

Slovenian church by luka567


Panorama from  Sentjernej by luka567

Turdus merula by luka567To swim or not to swim by luka567


Novo mesto by luka567Sunflower by luka567

Can you see me? I see you. by luka567

Dimming of the day by luka567

Red by luka567'You know nothing, Jon Snow' by luka567


Rings of comittement by luka567

Portrait of a duck by luka567Turtle by luka567

Meerkat by luka567You talkin' to me? by luka567

View from Trska gora by luka567Lurking in the dark by luka567

Fly by luka567Kingdom of pearls by luka567

Gone for a walk by luka567


Blue eyed girl by luka567Ready by luka567View by luka567

A moment's rest by luka567

Tiny versus big II by luka567

Tiny versus big by luka567

Like a paiting by luka567


After the rain

After the rain by luka567


Good boy by luka567Across the forest by luka567You talkin' to me? by luka567'Love is in the air' by luka567

Mesmerizing by luka567A field of corn by luka567Simplicity by luka567

My apple by luka567Blue eyes with golden pattern by luka567

A lonesome ant by luka567Ant on a leaf by luka567

Ant on a flower by luka567


At the lake by luka567

Texture by luka567

Mountains by luka567

Gothic church interior IV by luka567

Gothic church interior III by luka567

Gothic church interior II by luka567

Gothic church interior by luka567


Some time off, finally!

Hungry? by luka567

Alike, not the same by luka567

Everything the same, every day by luka567

Ljubljana by luka567

Preseren Square by luka567

Sleepy ones by luka567

Playing meerkats by luka567
Meerkats by luka567
Wink by luka567

An elephant by luka567

Sea lion by luka567
A llama, anyone? by luka567

Meerkat by luka567

Excited by luka567


Green by luka567

Spikes by luka567


Got my premium membership extended, thank you once again kind sir. 

Veggies by luka567Dimming of the day by luka567


Two more days of premium membership left on DA. It's been a pleasure =)

Entangled by luka567Colourful III by luka567

Bringer of fortune by luka567

Curly girl II by luka567

Curly girl by luka567

A small kitten II by luka567
A small kitten by luka567

The sky above us II by luka567

The sky above us by luka567

Colourful II by luka567

Colourful by luka567

Frozen by luka567

Sunrise by luka567

Landscape by luka567

Love over ages by luka567

Angel bird by luka567

The Cobbler's Bridge by luka567

Hungry spider III by luka567


Some new recent photos:

Ljubljanica HDR by luka567

It was all yellow by luka567
Hungry look by luka567

Yellow II by luka567

Bubbly by luka567

Green leaf by luka567

Yellow by luka567
Little red flower by luka567


Contrast by luka567

Rooster by luka567

Posing by luka567

Careful by luka567

Preseren Square by luka567


Is that me? II by luka567Heart by luka567

An evening photoshooting by luka567On land by luka567

Reflection by luka567

Mother's flowers by luka567Dark thoughts II by luka567

Dark thoughts by luka567Following by luka567

Is that me? by luka567Little swan by luka567

A defiant youngling by luka567

Lurking III by luka567


Green by luka567

Lurking II by luka567

Lurking by luka567

Red by luka567

Dimming of the day by luka567

Red papaver in a field by luka567

Simplicity by luka567

Red papaver in a field by luka567
Loyal companion by luka567


Prodajam objektiv Tokina AT-X 840 80-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 za Canona, če morda koga zanima.

Choose your colour by luka567

Let's get fishy by luka567

On a sunny day by luka567

Dimming of the day by luka567


Circular II by luka567

Posing by luka567


Up close- beauty shot by luka567Circular by luka567Ljubljana, panoramic view by luka567

Swimming by luka567

Summer is coming by luka567


Mesmerizing by luka567Orange red by luka567

Blue by luka567


Blue gaze 

Deep blue gaze by luka567


Tranquility by luka567Lonesome ant II by luka567

Lonesome ant by luka567


Ljubljana by luka567Daily routine IV by luka567


Blue II by luka567


Some new photos =)
Blue by luka567Freedom II by luka567

Seaside by luka567The look by luka567

The sky by luka567


A photo of crystals of sodium chloride (NaCl) - also known to most people as kitchen salt. I am happy to say that this photo has been included in the exhibition at our faculty - the theme is 'Chemistry around us'. I took this photo some time ago, it had taken some time for the crystals to grow, but it was well worth the wait.…


Some new macro photos. 

New life by luka567Tiny ant by luka567

Tiny ant II by luka567


Some abstract photos of mine.

Daily routine II by luka567Daily routine by luka567Molecules by luka567


Sunset by luka567Afternoon nap by luka567

A dog with character by luka567Swan portrait by luka567


More of my recent work. Have a great week people! 

Square by luka567Isolation IV by luka567

Defying the rain by luka567Light from above by luka567


I am wondering, what has happened to Deviantart? The quality of photos has fallen quite dramatically. And of course most of the attention goes to nude portraits.. I believe they should be done with a good taste which is  not what can be seen a lot of times. Not every nude photo is art. What do you think on this matter?

Please do check out my FB page if you haven't yet. Have a great day!…

What a view by luka567Wrong direction by luka567

Daisies by luka567Isolation III by luka567

Church by luka567Two is company by luka567

Haste by luka567


Some ant photos.

Exploring II by luka567Exploring by luka567

Eye to eye by luka567

22.03.2014… Awesome :D


Spring has come =).

In the morning by luka567

Little one by luka567


The loyal companion by luka567What are you looking at? by luka567

Two by luka567'For whom the bell tolls?' by luka567


Blue flower by luka567Daisy by luka567

Asleep II by luka567Asleep by luka567

Peek-a-boo by luka567

Gaze into the unknown by luka567


Some new photos as promised. =)


Careful by luka567

Defiance by luka567Great tit by luka567

Lurking about by luka567

15.02.2014: Please check out this deviant's gallery, he has some nice work!

13.02.2014: Exams are almost over, so there will be time again to take some more photos in the future. You can follow my page on FB as well…

Come boy, come by luka567Run by luka567

Mud bay by luka567

On fire by luka567

18.01.2014: let the studying commence! 

11.01.2014: Got ill, have to take antibiotics for the first time.

01.01.2014: Happy New Year! Sometimes it is better to leave the camera at home to fully enjoy the celebration. :-)

24.12.2013:These last months have been crazy with everything going on. Now there is finally some time for a moment's rest. When I look back, this was quite an important year for me. My life has changed this year in so many ways, mostly for the better. I would once again like to express my thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and my work though all this time (it has been 4 years since I picked up photography as my hobby) and I hope you all have nice holidays and spend it with the people dearest to you.

'Christmas is not about one day every year. One evening. Not about gifts. Not about presents. 
Christmas is a way of life - every day, every moment - showing compassion to people who need it,
reaching out to the people who have lost their way. 
That is Christmas.'

15.12.2013: It was chess again this weekend. We played in the highest league in our country and placed 4th(out of 9 teams)!!  =) I haven't had time to read through all of your comments, I will when I find the time.

With best regards, Luka

08.12.2013: People change. In the end, what really matters is you have stayed true to yourself and what you have always believed in. 

07.12.2013: Days have been passing by so quickly. Good days. Too short days. Hope you have a great last month of the year, everyone who have been reading this. 

01.12.2013: Chess really is a miniature of life. I am falling in love with it over and over again. It's simply a great game. I hope to continue playing it for a long time.

22.11.2013: Time for some more chess, not a great start, yet I hope the continuation will be better.

14.11.2013: Hvala prav vsakemu za nenadejana presenečenja in lepe misli. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the unexpected surprises and well-wishing thoughts. =)…

07.11.2013: Been really busy lately, so I haven't quite had all the time I would like to take many photos. It will soon be 4 years (in about a month) since I've taken up photography as a hobby. Hopefully I will continue doing this for quite some time. Have a nice day/evening, wherever in the world you are reading this from.

03.11.2013: Third place in a slow chess tournament (up to 2200 ELO rating). Not bad =).

01.11.2013: Like it was yesterday -…

26.10.2013: Uploaded the 2000th deviation on DA. To celebrate this, I can send you a photo from my gallery if you desire any. Send me a note =).

25.10.2013: Tribute to the most awesome cat that has ever lived.…

22.10.2013: Sense of freedom, yet still you are not free to do what you want. A person cannot help but to feel helpless sometimes. The irony is you get a pool of inspiration from such a state of mind.

18.10.2013: Let the fun begin this weekend. Also hoping to take some new nice photos ^^.

14.10.2013: It's really not about praise, yet sometimes it does feel nice to get some credit for what you do. Even a small nice word can do miracles =).

06.10.2013: I've noticed quite some people have read this journal of mine (more than 2000 views). I thank you all for reading, I try not to make it too personal,(although, many times, I know, it is) and include only the most exciting things (which may not even seem exciting to someone who reads them). I will probably be adding less photos during the year again, as studies have begun again. And also even if it may seem I spend a lot of time taking photos, I also do many other things. So, be patient when waiting for new work, I can promise some more portraits in the near future. Anyway, have a nice day, everyone who reads this. 

02.10.2013: Got mentioned in the media for the first time as a photographer! :D…

30.09.2013: Finally, going back to Ljubljana tonight. It's going to be a great year, I can feel it! =)

What I love most about photography - even when there is no light to be seen, you are always able to take a photo, whereas in life you are often left with no solution to the abscence of light.'

15.09.2013 : Yesterday I attended a relative's wedding. I had the chance to take photos of such an event for the first time. It was nice, it's really important to capture the moment and predict the happening in advance to be in the right place. That I would have to work on, should I ever get such a chance again. :D

11.09.2013. Sometimes, unforseen turns can lead you to a better way ahead, even if a part of it is harsh and hardly walkable. 

08.09.2013 - at a crossroads. I have never thought that no longer having a person that encourages you and supports your work no matter what, would have such an affect on my photos. I have been taking photos for almost 4 years now, but still, it feels like a piece of the puzzle to be completed is missing somehow. 
Anyhow.. While I am very much content with the upgraded gear of late, I am very much in search for my own style of expression. Generally I do not like to share my thoughts, but this is bugging me a bit. I've always been trying to be universal - I like to take photos of everything and anything that seems interesting to me. Yet it seems to me it may be a bit hard to improve in such a way. Lately I've been taking a bit more of portraits (of friends) and I've realised how hard it is to portray a person. Sure, easy to take a snapshot.. but if you want something more.. I also do not like posed photos that much, I prefer spontaneous moments. So these two things kind of work against each other.. but nevertheless I like taking portraits very much. And nature. I love nature. That is why macro photography is my all-time favourite category. Yet there is still a lot of room to improve.. so I am wondering.. should I work more on portraits and macro and neglect the other genres a bit and try to master those two? I know it is my decision to make, but some kind of advice would be very welcome. Feel free to leave a comment.

30.08.2013: It is done, it is done! No more studying till October. Some work in September and also hopefully some time to take more photos and exploit the upgraded gear of mine. Should be fun.

29.08.2013: Yes, yes, yes. The happiest day in months! Last part of the exam tomorrow. And also, some people's voices are simply great to listen to, no matter the circumstances!!! Have a great day people! =)

23.08.2013: Latest update: got myself a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 lens. The price of a new one was so tempting that I couldn't resist it (100€ lower than usual). I look forward to taking some portraits with it, yet now it's studying time :D. Take care, everyone! =)

A new toy by luka567

18.08.2013: 16 000 page views and 400 watchers!! Thank you very much, it's very appreciated! =)

I've had the luck to go to the mountains, to the seaside and perhaps I'll go somewhere else. I realise not everyone has such a chance and I am greatful for it a lot.

I've discovered a nice page that holds contests - check it out, also my profile there -

P.S.: Also, please take a look at a group I've founded - about the Canon 5D -

P.P.S.: And one more thing, thank you guys for following my work, it's a pleasure to have such an audience. You're the best! Have a great day! =)

Take care, Luka


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90 / 500
If anyone is so kind to donate some points to help me extend Premium membership and buy some of my prints, I would be very grateful! =) Also I like to donate to other deserving artists.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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What kind of photos do you like taking the most? 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

I am Luka, a student of chemistry. I was born in 1991 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. In december 2009 I bought my first DSLR camera. Since then a camera has become my inseparable companion.
Photography is one of my ways of expressing my view of the world and it is one of my biggest passions. Feel free to send me a message, if you have some ideas that could come to life.

Have a pleasant day!

With best regards,



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